I’m Curious

I’m curious to see how posting my entire novel – a little bit at a time – will work. Are people going to care? Will it be too hard to follow? Will it actually help me sell any books? I’m hoping this will become a fun way to share my story with baseball fans. Please drop me a line and let me know what you think!


  1. Kellia

    Are people going to care?

    People who enjoy, or at least don’t mind, reading e-books may care if they know about it and it is interesting. People who don’t like e-books will not be won over.

    Will it be too hard to follow?

    Not if you post reguarly, e.g. everyday, or on the same days each week, so that readers know when to expect the next installment. I would suggest every other day. And you might have to write longer posts. You are setting up some sort of plot, but I want to get to the baseball already.

    Will it actually help me sell any books?

    I know nothing about how to sell books. It strikes me that this may be like people who buy DVD’s of movies they have already seen. I do it only rarely. Others are collectors.



  2. Cyn

    I’m with Mark. I’d mix in some entries that weren’t related to the novel…but I think posting some of it here is a great idea (hey, you don’t want to post the entire thing because then we wouldn’t have to buy it!).

    Because I’m a nerd about these things, what are the copyright rules here? If you post it here, does that mean MLBlogs.com (and, by relation, MLB.com) owns it?

  3. Matt

    Website: I would retitle your ‘Categories’ typelist to “My Novel” – and provide a link underneath to each chapter as it comes online.

    Chapter 1: I thought there were too many birth allusions prior to the baby, and I sure hope you’re going somewhere with all those ‘gigantic’ round things 😉

    Exciting pacing though – I’ll make a point of checking out Chapter Two.

    Best of Luck!


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