Fish Food


So the White Sox managed to get back a game thanks to pounding Carlos Silva (8-12, 6.50 ERA). Batting practice pitchers give up fewer home runs than the Silva Bullet. What is truly amazing about the Twins’ current run of 51-20 in their last 71 games and the fact that Minnesota is LEADING the AL Wild Card chase and only 5 games back of the Motor City Kitties is that our rotation is basically filled with Triple A callups and rookies, yet we keep on winning anyway.

No Francisco Liriano and No (or a very limited) Brad Radke. So guys like the immortal Boof Bonster, Matt Garza and the rest are picking up the slack behind Johan Santana.

I don’t think it’s a reach to say that if the Twins had a healthy Liriano and Radke to go with Santana, the White Sox would be buried and dead in the Wild Card standings, and the Tigers might even find themselves in second place.

And why isn’t anybody mentioning Justin Morneau (.319-32-110) in the MVP race. Forget Jermaine Dye and his paltry, what, 90 RBI. Morneau has literally been carrying the Twins offense since early June. Give the guy his props!

With all that said, Ozzie is right: The Twins are a bunch of PIRANAS. Guys like Nick Punto, Jason Bartlett, Jason Tyner and everybody else just take little chomps out of you here and there on offense, and let the “big fish” like Morneau, Mauer & Hunter finish you off.

If the ratty Band-Aid holding together this team’s starting rotation can hold up, the Twins WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS.

And what’s up with the White Sox anyway? Is there a more schizophrenic team in all of baseball?

Last thing: A.J. Pierzynski is a chump. The only difference is, when he was in Minnesota, he was OUR chump. Now that he’s on the other side, doing childish things like flipping his bat at his former team’s dugout or trying to start beanball wars, it’s just sad to watch. At least the Twins know A.J.’s deal and ignore it. I think he ticks Gardy off more than any of the players. Those two used to bicker all the time when A.J. was here. I’ll take Mauer, Liriano, Nathan and even Bonser over one A.J. any day! Thanks again San Francisco and Joe Mauer!!!


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