Wacky National League

Xbgw5zdsI have to admit I take delight in seeing the NY Mets complete a historic collapse the likes of which we haven’t seen since … well … ever. Seven games up with a little over two weeks to go?

Anyway it’s time to show my true colors as the fan of the underdog and root on the high-flyin’ Colorado Rockies. I’ve long admired Todd Helton’s play at first base and I’m glad he at least will get a one-game taste of October baseball – hopefully more.

This was one of the best late Septembers in recent MLB memory, at least from the NL point of view. I still know almost zero about the D-Backs, Padres and Rockies, with all of them being on the Left Coast, so I’ll be interested to see how they do in the postseason.

I can’t stand big market teams – blame it on my Minny-sota roots! – so I’ll be firmly rooting against the Yankees & Red Sox (though I’m sure FOX won’t!). I’d love to see the Cubs make it to the World Series, if nothing else so the media can drag out all those Bartman clips and stories. Where is he these days anyway? Witness Protection? Poor guy.

I like Cleveland to get to the Series thanks to the 1-2 punch of C.C. and Carmona – they tortured our beloved Twins all season long.

From the NL, who knows? I’ll be rooting Cubs or Rockies (if they make it through today) but really I’d even be happy to see Philly get there too – their fans have suffered forever.

On a side note, Bob Costas broke some news last night on NBC’s Sunday Night Football telecast, pointing out that Philadelphia’s fans once booed Santa Claus. (Is that the most overused reference of all time or what?)


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