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Picture_1_11 Just got done reading the BALCO book, “Game of Shadows,” and I’m disgusted at how LAME Bud Selig and the rest of Major League Baseball’s top officials have been in handling the steroid scandal. I thought the authors made a great comparison between how Judge Landis cleaned up the game after the Black Sox scandal in 1919, banning eight players for life, and how Selig and the gang basically did everything in their power to NOT punish Bonds, Giambi or the countless other cheaters exposed in “Game of Shadows.” It basically took Congress threatening to do his job for him before Selig would actually put in a steroids testing policy that wasn’t a complete joke.
The game we love has been infested for the last two decades with a bunch of juicing roid ragers like Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Bonds, Giambi … the most sacred records – 61, 714, soon 755? – have been smashed by CHEATERS, yet MLB stands idly by and throws its head further into the sand, just hoping it will all go away.

As far as I’m concerned MLB should put an asterisk the size of San Francisco next to every home run record Bonds owns, along with McGwire and the rest.

Babe Ruth did it on Beer and hot dogs, people. 714 home runs, 60 in a single season … Henry Aaron was skinny his entire career. Hammerin’ Hank had those lightning-quick wrists and the longevity rarely seen in a power hitter … until Bonds came along and got jealous of Big Mac’s juice-induced HR record.

The whole thing sickens me as a baseball fan. The 1990s and early 2000s will forever be known in history as the “Steroid Era,” period.

“Game of Shadows” is a fantastic read. The detail of cheating, the mammoth ego of Victor Conte, not to mention Bonds, the rampant cheating going on in Track and Field, how Marion Jones got off despite being one of the biggest cheaters out there … it’s insane. What bothers me more than anything is how people like Bonds and Jones can go before the media, the general public, and especially their adoring fans … and flat out LIE with a straight face about all of it. Maybe if they lie enough in public they’ll start to convince themselves it’s true.

Their bodies will have the last laugh, however. Maybe that’s the only real punishment that will get doled out from all of this. Because once the glory of the athletic fields fades and people like Jones and Bonds have to live with the side effects of all the poison they injected into their bodies, nobody will be there to cheer for them, to tell them it was worth it.