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Trivia Question

Who is the only team in Major League history to turn TWO triple plays in the same game? And what team did they do it against?


Today’s Trivia Question

Nobody could get my last Trivia Question, which was maybe too Twins-centric, but with how fast you answered them before, I figured I’d try something harder. Here goes for today:

Name the MVP of the 1985 World Series.

Baseball Trivia Question of the night

Back in the mid-1980s, after Oakland’s Dave Kingman hit a towering pop fly that flew into one of the holes in the Metrodome ceiling, he was given a ground rule double when the ball never came down. The next afternoon, before the game, legendary Twins P.A. Announcer Bob Casey announced to the crowd that the ball had been retrieved and called a player out onto the field before the game to try and catch it as they dropped it from the ceiling. Who was that player? And for bonus points, Did he catch the ball or not?

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