(Nelson Munce voice): HA-HA

Picture_2_31Can’t help but chuckle at seeing Kyle Lohse get Kaz Mat-salamied in the playoffs.

Twins fans have fond memories of Lohs-hie, from going beserk with a bat on Gardy’s office door to calling out Michael Cuddyer every time he misplayed a ball and *allegedly* cost Lohse a win.

We miss him!

Somewhere Gardy is cackling…

We take a break from playoff fever to bring you…

This deal with Marion Jones just pushes my HYPOCRISY button to the max.

Will someone please restore some sanity – no, make that INTEGRITY – to organized sports?

Teaches a great lesson to all the youth that look up to star athletes – tell bald face lies with a straight face, even make tearful, angry denials and sue Conte for $25 million, but if and when you get caught, play the ignorance card and cut a plea deal.

What next?

GAME OF SHADOWS talked more about Track & Field almost than Bonds, and now I know why – the entire thing is crooked & everybody cheats.

R.I.P., Integrity in Sports.

Oh well, at least we still have honest politicians leading our country…

Gotta Say

This TBS Hot Corner deal-e-o is pretty nifty. A fun, behind-the-scenes look at the games with the dugout & ballpark cams and I like the ongoing chatter of the TV wonks watching the game like fans.
Something different in the midst of October tradition!

P.S. Go Rockies – I’m on the bandwagon officially!

Wacky National League

Xbgw5zdsI have to admit I take delight in seeing the NY Mets complete a historic collapse the likes of which we haven’t seen since … well … ever. Seven games up with a little over two weeks to go?

Anyway it’s time to show my true colors as the fan of the underdog and root on the high-flyin’ Colorado Rockies. I’ve long admired Todd Helton’s play at first base and I’m glad he at least will get a one-game taste of October baseball – hopefully more.

This was one of the best late Septembers in recent MLB memory, at least from the NL point of view. I still know almost zero about the D-Backs, Padres and Rockies, with all of them being on the Left Coast, so I’ll be interested to see how they do in the postseason.

I can’t stand big market teams – blame it on my Minny-sota roots! – so I’ll be firmly rooting against the Yankees & Red Sox (though I’m sure FOX won’t!). I’d love to see the Cubs make it to the World Series, if nothing else so the media can drag out all those Bartman clips and stories. Where is he these days anyway? Witness Protection? Poor guy.

I like Cleveland to get to the Series thanks to the 1-2 punch of C.C. and Carmona – they tortured our beloved Twins all season long.

From the NL, who knows? I’ll be rooting Cubs or Rockies (if they make it through today) but really I’d even be happy to see Philly get there too – their fans have suffered forever.

On a side note, Bob Costas broke some news last night on NBC’s Sunday Night Football telecast, pointing out that Philadelphia’s fans once booed Santa Claus. (Is that the most overused reference of all time or what?)

The TV Thing

P1010015_1My family has 8mm home movie evidence of me approaching the TV as a 1-year-old and then turning its dials (it was 1976, after all) so that the TV just showed static instead of whatever show was on. It used to drive my sisters (and parents, I suspect) bonkers.

Tradition continues here in 2007. Our 1 year old Alex makes it part of his morning routine to wait until his older brother (3 year old Jacob) is all settled in at the breakfast table and watching PBS Kids, and then Alex waltzes over to the TV and turns it off. He then stands there as his elder sibling goes bonkers, screaming “Turn it on! Turn it on!” And I swear Alex gets this little, taunting smile of satisfaction at driving his brother crazy.

A Fitting Finish*

FzgwenaaWith the word coming down that 756* will indeed be branded with an asterisk and sent to the Hall of Fame, it’s probably the ending this whole HR saga deserves, don’t you think?

The fact that 10 million votes were cast around the issue, and that this was the consensus, says all we need to know about how the public feels about Barry.

Rockies Bandwagon

I’m hoping there’s still room on the Colorado Rockies Playoff Bandwagon, because they are my team to root for the rest of the way in 2007.

I’m beginning to wonder if the Rockies’ recent tear here in September has more to do with Todd Helton’s fierce facial hair than anything else. 😉

As a Twins backer I could only dream of a lineup where multiple hitters can top 30 homers and 100 RBI in the same season.

Also I love seeing the Little Team That Could rise up and make a run, a la the ’87 Twins and countless other underdogs over the years.

So go Rockies! I don’t know who any of your starting pitchers – or relievers – are, but you hate an awesome lineup of mashers and hitters going good, and hope it carries you into the postseason!

This is in Minnesota?

Went “camping” (I put it in quote marks b/c we stayed at a really nice resort on Lake Superior) this weekend and had an amazing time. So relaxing, so much fun together – can’t say how great it was. And being out among some incredible land that God crafted just for us human beings reminds me yet again how much I am loved by the One who made me!

Here are some more pictures – these are from Gooseberry State Park, a really popular one up in northern Minnesota (about 2.5 hours north of the Twin Cities). It is amazing scenery and hikes.



O.J. & Flashbulb Memories

The latest O.J. saga has got me thinking. (A scary notion, I know.)

You see, we talk about “Flashbulb” memories, and for me the O.J. Verdict is definitely one. So…

Do you remember where you were when the:
1. Space shuttle Challenger blew up in 1986?
2. O.J. Verdict was read in 1995?
3. Planes hit on 9/11/2001?

I was:
1. In the basement of St. Rose of Lima school in a 5th grade classroom – the principal (Mr. Skinner) came on over the intercom and announced it.
2. Dazed and confused after just waking up (I had been up until 2 a.m. or so putting our college paper – The Aquin – to bed), I was walking down the stairs of a two-story home at 1865 Grand Avenue when Joe Serrano – one of my college roommates – started yelling at the TV.
3. Eating a bowl of Cheerios and reading the sports page when my wife told me to come upstairs.